Fit Girl Denver Weekend Recap!

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Over the weekend, I took a much needed trip out to Denver to visit some of my best girlfriends who have re-located to the mile high city. We had a fantastic time catching up and staying active with some warm(er) spring weather!

Me, Alli & Grace (and Grace's pup Hank)
The first thing I always notice about Denver is the great energy - everyone wants to be outside, be active and  share ideas and experiences with one another. It's so inspiring!

// Thursday //

We started off with a great dinner at True Food Kitchen, and that menu has my name written ALL over it. A great juice bar, drink list and inventive vegan menu options.

I ended up with a delicious cocktail called the Peacemaker (Old Overholt Rye, Black Tea Honey Syrup) and this amazing Farmer's Market salad that I will definitely be trying to recreate for FGK!

// Friday //

The next morning (after the exciting buzz of my Girl Crush feature!) I took a run with Alli, Hank and Grace as one of my final runs for my half marathon training. Running at that altitude is definitely tough, and I was so grateful Alli was there to push me for that five miles.

Lulu love!
It is so great to run again with a friend you haven't seen in so long! After that, we got lunch and walked around Cherry Creek shopping center, which is super adorable.

We took Grace and her darling baby bump to look at baby things (overwhelming!) and I got some new neon shorts from Lulu for my half next weekend (weather permitting).

Earlier, I noticed that Alli was wearing a set of mala beads. She told me about a woman in the Denver yoga community who did Chakra readings, so I decided to go with her to have my Chakra read.

What are Chakras?

Chakras, in Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems, are centres of Prāṇa, life force, or vital energy.

More about The 7 Chakras
Before you tune me out as being super crazy, I want to state that I was raised Catholic and still practice Catholic beliefs. However, being actively involved in yoga has really allowed me to connect my mind and body in an amazing way, and I have gained an understanding of how prana (and pranayama breathing) are involved in deepening my yoga practice.

A Chakra reading reveals what chakras are strong, and which are weak. It's basically an inner assessment of yourself - what areas do I need to work on? Mala beads can "channel" that missing energy. I chose to go with Agate.

mala beads

Whether or not the physical energy channeling is real, I will say that having these on my wrist is a great reminder of the areas I need to work on - taking a deep breath, gathering my thoughts and communicating in an effective way.

Ok, back to Denver. (We went to a Rockies game that night which was totally fun and normal).

// Saturday //

After a wonderful brunch and visit with some friends from business school who just had their first (adorable) baby, we headed up to Matthews Winters Park for some hiking! The trail overlooks Red Rocks and even though it was a little muddy, we had a great time!

I even got to do a little yoga when we reached the top :)

Mountain dancer pose yoga

I decided to name this variation "Mountain Dancer". And yes I am wearing compression socks - hey, I have a race this weekend!

Overall, I had an amazing time and it was so great to get out and see my girls! I feel like I am definitely ready for my half marathon this Sunday. What else is on my list of race-week prep? Come back Friday to find out!
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PS - Check out Grace's recap of our weekend here >>

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