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Summer is in the air and golf season is upon us! As a female golfer, I have struggled for years to find "cute" golf outfits.

I feel like so many golf clothes for women are either geared toward older players OR whatever man person designed them has no idea how to cut a shirt that isn't boxy and short (ahem, Adidas.).

That's me last summer trying on every size small of every brand Golfsmith had. Everything was either too short on my torso and uber boxy, or see-through like this white number. Get it together! (also these shorts are not golf aprop - see my guidelines below).

Luckily, there seem to be new options popping up up everywhere offering much better options for women. (Did anyone see the Lululemon email yesterday?? FINALLY!).

Oh happy day! Lululemon came out with golf clothes yesterday!

I've pulled together some of my faves I'm crushing on this season as well as some guidelines for what to look for so you can be comfortable on the course AND comply with club dress-codes in style.

Keys to Finding the Right Golf Outfit

Here are some things to consider when shopping for golf clothes:

1. Breatheability. Look for clothes (shirts especially) that are made of a breathable or moisture wicking fabric, just like you would with workout clothes. One of my friends recently took up golf and told me she was going to hit up Banana Republic for some new clothes - NO. Golf is a sport, and although you may not be getting a cardio workout, if you are walking the course or standing in the sun, you are going to want something that allows your skin to breathe. Nike and Slazenger both have shirts with fabrics that are more waffle in texture that I prefer.
Dot Collar Polo // Nike

Selvey Sleeveless Polo // Slazenger

2. Fit. This is a golf course ladies, not the gymso your super tight low-cut workout tops are not going to cut it at the club. Look for shirts that are looser fit and have sleeves (no tank tops). If you are worried about tan lines or being too hot, look for sleeveless collared styles like the ones shown above.

Hot hitter sleeveless polo // Lululemon
Birdie Polo // Athleta

3. Length. Courses have dress codes - check before you play. Many are kind of outdated and ask for shorts that hit the knee (no thanks) but most are ok if you show up in reasonably fit shorts (no shorter than 5" inseam) or a skirt that hits mid thigh. If you can see your butt cheeks when you bend over, your shorts are too short.

I tend to lean towards skirts on warm days and capris on cool days to comply. I get Lulu running skirts in a Tall so they are a little longer and I've never had a problem.

Hot Hitter Skirt // Lululemon

Runaround Skort // Athleta

Pants are a crapshoot in my opinion. I usually stick to a cute JCrew capri if I"m doing pants which does the trick just fine.

The best place to buy women's golf clothes...

Is online. In my experience, stores (Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Golfsmith, proshops) carry a limited amount of selection and sizes for women. It is best to get an idea of what you want by seeing it in person and then hunting for it online. If you are unsure about size, always size down. Everything tends to run bigger with golf.

If online shopping scares you, here are my shopping rules for sporting goods stores:

  • If you are a small and see a small in a store and you think you kind of like it, buy it. It will not be there when you go back.
  • If you ask someone to look for your size in the back it will always take them 5 hours and they will come back empty handed. Everything is on the floor.
  • Sale racks are your friend

I'm really good at shopping, in case you didn't know.

Sorry to all of my male readers this week! But let's be honest, you have it pretty easy. Shorts, polo, good to go. Please don't wear cargo shorts either. Or ever.

Check back on Friday for my memorial day cookout menu and a recipe for marinated lamb chops - yum!
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  1. Jess! I came to your blog through Tartan and Sequins and have found so much inspiration from your site... just wanted to say thanks and let you know that I featured you on my blog today if you're interested in stopping by! www.pinktogreenblog.com

  2. Thanks Megan!! That is so great and I am so flattered you featured me on your blog today! I read some of your other posts too - loving all of your pictures.
    (PS - how inspiring is Elizabeth Rider??)

  3. I consider the fabrics' Breatheability very important when it comes to golf clothing or other fitness clothing. For me, this is among the features that will determine how comfortable the feel of a clothing is. Great selection! You are right about "onlin as the best place to buy these clothes". It just takes a little get used to and trust building. http://bestamazonsale.com/