Perfect Summer Party: Blueberry Mint Moscow Mules

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Apologies for my absence! Between a hectic travel schedule and housewarming party, I have had little time left over for FGK love.

HOWEVER, our housewarming turned out some fun summertime treats, including the first-ever FitGirl's recipe involving alcohol. While as a nutritional health coach I cannot encourage the addition of alcohol to one's diet, I am a realist and won't prance around the fact that most people do drink, I drink, my clients will drink, and a glass of wine to feel fine never hurt anyone. (Plus it's loaded with antioxidants.)

I've been on a total Moscow Mule kick lately, and was able to come up with these (with the help of a friend) last weekend.

Blueberry Mint Moscow Mule recipe

I bought these adorable mason jars and wanted to put together a beverage that could be dispensed easily (without going flat) and taste summery. Perfection! They went down way too easily.

Blueberry Mint Moscow Mules

2 packages blueberries
2 packages fresh mint leaves
6 limes, quartered
Vodka (to taste)
8 bottles ginger beer (I used Reed's All Natural Ginger Beer from Trader Joes/Whole Foods)

1. Place cut up limes, 1 package of mint leaves (torn) and 1 package of blueberries in a beverage dispenser. Muddle with a wooden spoon to help release flavor.

2. Add several glugs of vodka and 4 bottles of the ginger beer (I did about 40/60 ratio vodka to ginger beer).

3. Serve over ice in mason jars and add fresh mint and blueberries to garnish. Refresh pitcher with remaining beer and more vodka when the mixture gets low.

pitcher - Pier One // mason jars - Michaels // straws - One Kings Lane

You can also muddle the lime, blueberry and mint in individual mason jars if you prefer/actually have time to do it, which I did not :)

Blueberry Mint Moscow Mule recipe
Blueberry Mint Moscow Mules

Summer perfected.

I was also able to come up with two new sides - a Cilantro Quinoa Salad and a Caprese Orzo salad - which were super easy to whip up before the party started. Look for those posts later this week!

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