Fall Running Playlist

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Today I'm sharing my Fall Running Mix that I've been rocking out to for all of my fellow runners to enjoy.

Fall Running Playlist on Spotify

(Fair warning, lots of Avicii and EDM on here. That's what keeps me on pace.)

Spotify is awesome, and it's how I listen to all of my music while I'm working, commuting, running, yoga-ing, travelling, etc. They have a great new feature in their "Search and Browse" section on the mobile app with pre-made playlists. I made part of this list while I was actually ON my run yesterday.

Hands down, my favorite song to run to right now is Britney Spears, Work B**ch. I have been listening to it 2x through for my last mile this week to run sub-7s. I'm calling this the Britney Influence, or Brinfulence.

Sunday's run

Thursday's run

If you want an extra kick in the pants, tune in and turn it up. I have it as the first and last song so it's easy to scroll and grab while I'm kicking in for the last mile.

(Full Spotify playlist available here >>)

Hope you enjoy!

*and yes exciting announcement is coming soon...waiting one final confirmation before I make it "official".

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  1. Hi,

    I've been subscribing to your blog since we chatted on the Wego Health fitness panel. Hope you are well. I'm trying to update my own blog, and wondering what program you use to add text to your photos. Instagram?

    Any advice would be helpful.


    1. Hi Kim! Love to hear that you are following the blog :)

      In regards to your question, I actually use a couple of different programs for text. In the top photo, I used pixlr, which is a free browser-based editing app. The other pictures (and almost all of my Instagram photos) I use an app called "A Beautiful Mess". Hope this helps!