Banana Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

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You guys. I cannot stop making this smoothie. It is easily my new favorite breakfast thing (yes I know I say that every week.)

Banana coffee breakfast smoothie

But seriously - it's only five ingredients. And I'm counting ice as an ingredient.

It's got 20g of healthy protein, full of fiber and omega 3, 6 & 9, NO artificial sugar, it's gluten free, vegetarian friendly - oh and it tastes amazing.

For everyone on the "sugar is evil" kick - there is natural sugar in this. A banana is involved, which has as much sugar as most large pieces of fruit. I am not ready to start giving up fruit as part of my daily diet (although I will admit lately pineapple has become too sweet for me which makes me sad, but I think this is because the varieties of pineapple we import into the US are too sweet...) anyways, there is no sugar in the almond milk I use either. The issue most Americans have is there is too much sugar added to everything we are consuming - if you want to cut back your sugar intake, omit the processed foods you are eating FIRST. Not the fruit.

The thing that makes this great is the new version of tera'swhey that just came out - tera'swhey organic coffee.

There isn't coffee "flavor" in this - they use actual coffee beans. Yet another reason to love teras.

I use whey protein supplements in the morning to get my AM protein not only because I don't eat meat - I also am not a huge fan of eggs. And protein is SO crucial to starting off your day (see my Favorite High Protein Breakfast Foods post).

So here you go - from me to you - your new favorite morning drink, afternoon snack, anytime iced coffee or frappuccino fix.

Banana Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

1 banana
4-6 oz almond milk (I use Califia Farms Coconut Almondmilk)
2 scoops teraswhey organic coffee whey protein
1 scoop ground flaxseed
Ice cubes

The key to any smoothie is the order of the blending. Unless you have a vitamix, which I am pretty sure could puree a metal spoon.

Step 1 - Add bananas (fresh or frozen) and almond milk to taste. I typically try to cover the blender blades (about half a cup). Blend the banana. If it gets stuck, add more milk or some water.

Step 2 - add the powder and ground flax. Blend.

Step 3 - add ice. Blend. Enjoy.

Banana Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

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  1. hi Kat, I made this today and it was yummy... used chocolate Tera's Whey instead since I found it at about a third of the price I could find the coffee flavor for. Question: this is my first time using whey protein, and I got super light headed for 1-2 hours afterward... like a fuzzy sensation I couldn't tell if it felt more like being over caffeinated/burst of energy or being totally exhausted. Have you ever heard of this reaction to taking whey protein? And what is your favorite protein substitute that you recommend? Thanks for sharing all the deliciousness!

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