#5for5 30 Day Run Challenge

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I’ll be travelling to five different cities in the next 30 days – Napa, Boston, New York, Austin and Chicago - so I thought, why not challenge myself to go for a run in each city? Better yet, let’s make it 5 miles in each city for a catchy hashtag.

(Reasons not to brainstorm blog ideas at 2am)

En route to city number one!
So, I’m doing it! I’m committed! #5for5 is the challenge and I’ll be posting pics on my FGK Facebook page and Instagram with the upgraded Nike+ Running app.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, the Nike+ app now lets you post a picture from your run with the distance, city and a sketch of your route.

New Nike+ App feature
Follow along or take the challenge with me – run in five new places in the next 30 days (it can all be in the same city, but bonus points for new ones!) and tag your pics with #5for5.

Happy running!

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