Big News...YTT 2014!

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Have I built it up enough? :)

I am so excited to share that I will be embarking on a new journey in 2014 and finally pursuing my passion for yoga by getting my 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification!

Better yet, I have the privilege of being taught by two of my favorite instructors, Ali and Shayne, who will be leading this immersion YTT with a wonderful group of yogis.

And possibly the best part...the training is in Bali. I am going to Bali for three weeks to learn to teach yoga.

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Every day I wake up and think, OMG I get to go to Bali. To do yoga. (In the middle of winter in the midwest). I am so unbelievably lucky.

So what does this mean? When I come back from my teacher training, I will be certified as a 200 hour RYT, which means I can teach yoga at studios, fitness clubs, in private sessions, etc. My goal is to offer a full wellness package for my clients with nutritional health coaching at the hub, marrying both of my passions for health and fitness.

All images courtesy of Kura Kura Yoga Retreat

I have been wanting to pursue my yoga teacher training for several years now, and the stars just happened to align for this opportunity. Being able to do an intensive (several weeks in a row) rather than a 18 or 20 week program has always been the way I envisioned getting my certification, but I never thought I would have the opportunity.

When I had lunch this summer with my instructor Ali and she told me about her plan to do an immersion training in Bali, I saw the open door and knew I had to walk through it. I have come so far in my practice because of her and couldn't imagine a better person to learn from, or a more ideal location in which to do it.

This three week intensive will bring you a deeper understanding of yoga and more importantly yourself. The requirements will be met for a 200hr YA certification. We will cover the basics of philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, breath, adjustments, as well as how to live your yoga off your mat.
About Ali
About Shayne

I have so much more that I plan to share with you all in the coming weeks, and of course I will be writing about my experience while I am there next year. Thank you to all of my family and friends for your love and support in pursing my passion - I could not be more excited.

Much love,
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