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I whipped up this green kale smoothie today after my AM yoga class. I couldn't decide if I should juice it or blend it, so I decided to blend.

Green smoothie with kale, apple, ginger and frozen bananas

Adding apples and frozen bananas really helped break down the kale - you'd never know you were drinking veggies!

The secret to these green smoothies are cold water - I could NOT get my blender to work through the kale until I added about half a cup of cold water to the blender. Then it worked in a snap.

Kale Apple Banana and Ginger Smoothie

1 large handful kale, chopped and large stems removed
1 small apple, cored and peeled
1/2 frozen banana
Ginger (to taste)
Cold water
Chia seeds (optional)

Put the apple and kale into a blender with the cold water. Blend until smooth (add more water if the blades aren't catching the kale.)

Add frozen banana and blend. I actually had fresh bananas but opted for frozen here to up the smoothie factor (and not have to use ice!)

I break up my fresh bananas into quarters before I freeze them, which makes them easier to blend, and then you can just add as many pieces as you want.

Add ginger and chia seeds and blend.

Green smoothie with kale, apple, ginger and frozen bananas

You can top with chia or blend so they are easier to digest. I prefer the crunch.

Enjoy & #livehealthy!

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  1. Water's great for you anyway. I add it to all my smoothies. Great photography!

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