Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes

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I threw these together over the weekend for an impromptu dinner party at a friend's house. Her husband made the most ah-mazing smoked pulled pork, and I was looking for a good side dish that would compliment it.

Rosemary roasted red potato recipe

I kind of just made this up based on some potato recipes I found online, and used clean ingredients to keep it healthy. It was also super quick, and tasted great cold the next day.

Roasting with the rosemary was the best part - my house smelled like Christmas. Enjoy!

Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes

For the potatoes:
3 lbs red potatoes, quartered
2 tbs chopped garlic
Olive Oil
Fresh Rosemary

For the dressing:
(disclaimer - I did not measure any of this so modify as needed)
1 tbs olive oil
1 tbs Apple cider vinegar
1 tbs whole grain dijon mustard
2 teaspoons honey
sea salt
Dried herb seasoning (I used Greektown Billygoat seasoning from The Spice House)

Healthy roasted red potato recipe

1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Combine potatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper in a big bowl. Toss to coat and spread evenly on baking sheet lined tinfoil and lightly coated in olive oil.

Healthy roasted red potato recipe
(I did not put enough oil on and a lot of the potatoes stuck, so don't be stingy with it).
2. Lay rosemary on top of potatoes and roast for 35-40 minutes, turning potatoes once.

3. Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, combine dressing ingredients in a small bowl. (You could sub sugar for the honey, but I realized I don't have any sugar in my house. Honey is a great natural sweetener.)

4. Gently mix dressing with potatoes in a large serving bowl, adding as much as needed to taste (I didn't use all of the dressing I made). Season with sea salt and crushed black pepper. Garnish with fresh rosemary springs.

Healthy rosemary roasted red potato recipe

I'm about to kick off on another big travel week - Boston, NY and Chicago - and my yoga mat is coming with me!

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Live healthy! xo
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