FGK Holiday Survival Guide

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Cookies. Champagne. Cheeseballs. Wine. Stress. More wine. Travel. Snowstorms. The holidays are here!

Don't get me wrong, it is a magical time of year and I do love it, but the month of December also has a way of magically making all of your time disappear and all of your pants fit too tight if you aren't careful.

Below is my guide to surviving the most wonderful time of the year and coming out on top in 2014.

Holiday Survival Guide

#1 Work out in the morning

December is traditionally a crazy month. It seems like every night there is a holiday cocktail hour, office party, cookie exchange, friend in town or some social obligation that cannot be missed. What ends up taking the brunt of this is your workout routine. That paired with the extra indulgence of these events is what leads to holiday weight gain.

My solution - AM workouts. I look at my schedule for the week and make sure to factor in at least 3 workouts if possible. If I have an after work obligation, I make sure to grab an early morning spin or yoga class. Especially if that event involves cocktails. AM workouts will actually give you more energy throughout the day, and you will feel less guilty enjoying yourself later.

#2 Never go to a party hungry. 

This goes for office parties, friendsgivings, Christmas parties and the back to back Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These things always seem to start at weird times (ham and potatoes at 3pm? Sure!) so I make sure to always eat something before I go, so I'm not ravenous when I get there. Try a high protein snack like apples and peanut butter or toast with almond butter and bananas.

And when it comes to overindulging on spirits, Dorothy Parker gives the best advice...
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#3 Take time for yourself...

The holidays are STRESSFUL. So much to do, so little time! But guess what - we're all in the same boat. It is important to schedule time for yourself to relax and ENJOY this time. Otherwise, your stress will just snowball and impact your attitude and those around you. Take 5 minutes in the morning and meditate - instead of listing off the things you have to get done, list the things you are thankful for. It will help you visualize balance and key in on what is really important.

#4 ...But also dedicate time to others

This is a time of giving, and the most valuable thing you can give to others is your time. Whether that time is spent volunteering or even just meeting a friend for coffee so they can vent about THEIR holiday stress, your time and attention is more valuable to them than anything else.

If you are in a funk or bad mood, try this trick: go out of your way to help or compliment 3 strangers by the end of the day. The positive vibe you create is kinetic and contagious to those around you - including yourself.

#5  If nothing else, stop and breathe.

It is amazing how powerful 5 slow breaths can be. I ALWAYS forget this! As soon as you feel anxiety or a holiday panic attack kicking in, just BREATHE deep, 5 times.

Stuck at the airport? 5 deep breaths. Family driving you bonkers? 5 deep breaths. End of year deadline to meet and only 3 days to meet it? 5 deep breaths.

And if all else fails...

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