Totally Craveable Gym Bags

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We all need a little extra motivation in the winter time to get our sweat on - sometimes that comes in the form of a little something new to take to the gym. #treatyoself

Men - this is for you too. This post was inspired by one of my male friends looking to surprise his girlfriend with a gift for Valentine's Day, so read up.

Totally Craveable Gym Bags

I've assembled my top five adorable gym bags that I'm totally crushing on right now and definitely don't need (until I return from Bali at least) - for your browsing pleasure.

5 Adorable Gym Bags to Spice Up Your Workout Routine

My initial advice to my friend was that he "must get her a lulu bag (they are THE BEST) because they are made well and think of everything - like interior pockets labeled for 'phone', 'sweaty things', 'energy bars' etc."

I have two bags from Lululemon - one for my swim gear and one that I've been using as my work-to-yoga bag for 3 years. Both are in impeccable shape, and I've dragged them through the ringer.

1. Sweat Once A Day Bag - Lululemon

Sweat once a day bag | lululemon
Perfect for...The Work Fashionista

Why I love it: This bag is most similar to the work-yoga bag that I have which features both a mat strap AND a secure laptop sleeve, which is perfect for hitting up a class before or after work. There are very few gym bags on the market designed to hold a 15 inch laptop - and let's be serious, how annoying is it to lug both your work bag and gym bag around?

Lululemon is also great about labeling features like interior pockets for water bottles, snacks, your phone and sweaty gear post workout.

2. Puddle Jumper Bag - Lug

Lug puddle jumper bag
Perfect for...The Organizer

Why I love it: This bag has been on the top of Oprah's favorite things list for years, and it's no wonder - with snappy compartments for everything, including outside ventilated ones for your running shoes - it's fashion meets organization. The best part is, it's specifically designed to fit perfectly into a narrow gym locker - type A's rejoice!

3. Yoga striped duffle - Reebok
Perfect for...The Light and Preppy Yogi

Why I love it: Ok so I definitely haven't been a big Reebok customer since the late 90s, but decided to check them out after they collaborated with the very talented Tara Stiles to launch a new section of yoga gear. (These cloud pants are everything)

This bag is perfect for stashing yoga essentials and your mat in one preppy striped ensemble.

4. Bucket Sling Bag - Nike
Perfect for...The Trendsetter

Why I love it: This is a super adorable, sleek and chic sack that would totally get me to the gym in the morning. I can't comment on it's functionality except for separate wet/dry compartments and a cross body strap - but the color is enough to make me give it a FGK thumbs up.

5. Spring Tote - Athleta
Perfect for...The Multi-Sport Lover

Why I love it: This is a perfect tote for those who like to mix it up - from gym to yoga to trail. This bag features separate compartments for pre and post workout gear, a secure mat strap and removable shoe bag. A nice size, and a nice departure from the traditional gym duffel.

And one more bonus bag/backpack...

And of course, all of this bag research led me to find so many fun (and functional) bags for my trip - like this one.

Travelling yogini rucksack

Sigh. I don't technically OWN a backpack right now...

Enjoy and let me shop vicariously through you all! I have one more post before I depart for Bali and then I'll be signing off for a bit to disconnect. Can't believe it's almost here!
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