Coconut Chai Banana Smoothie

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I am one of those people who always makes tea and then forgets about it, or has to walk out of the door when it's finally cool enough to drink. I leave to-go cups in my car, so I don't even bother - I just stick it in the fridge.

If you're like me, then I have the perfect solution for you - this smoothie.

Coconut chai banana smoothie

We made some variations of this when I was cooking in Costa Rica at the Peace Retreat, inspired by the flavors at local shop La Ventana. I had smuggled in some Yogi Chai Roobios tea in my suitcase, and it was like gold. We'd blend with banana, shredded coconut and almond milk.

I've been recreating this recipe at home, mainly due to my inability to drink tea when it is actually hot. I added in some vanilla protein and ground flax for a well-rounded breakfast drink (and afternoon snack). Enjoy!

Coconut Chai Banana Smoothie

1 cup (cold) chai tea
1-2 bananas
Coconut almond milk
Shredded coconut
1 scoop vanilla protein (I have been testing out Vega)
1 scoop flaxseed

Coconut chai banana smoothie

1. Blend banana, tea and and milk together.

You can have the milk pre-added to the tea (like you forgot about it and had to stick it in the fridge...) or add separately. Just make sure there is enough liquid to cover the blades.

Bananas these days run all sorts of sizes - the organic ones are smaller, which I prefer, but sometimes you need 2 in a recipe like this which has more liquid. I stuck the extra in a jar in my fridge and had it for breakfast this morning.

Coconut chai banana smoothie

Coconut chai banana smoothie

It needs some sweetening, so if you aren't a fan of flavored almond milk, I'd recommend adding a little honey or a naturally flavored protein.

2. Add protein, flaxseed and coconut.

I have been testing out Vega, which is a plant-based protein powder. The vanilla is a little sweet for my tastes, but makes a damn delicious smoothie. I also like Trader Joes hemp protein powder but it's not quite as pretty.

3. Blend with ice. Top with shredded coconut.

Coconut chai banana smoothie

Coconut chai banana smoothie

Coconut chai banana smoothie

Sometimes I forget to take my own advice - I've been sitting on recipes for months, posting them to instagram but never updating this blog, which started it all in the first place.

The full moon in Virgo today asks us to look at what is holding us back from sharing our gifts - our perfectionism. Virgo needs everything to be perfect, lined up, boxes checked. But we don't have to be perfect to share what we have - we set those standards for ourselves. I've shot some beautiful stuff and haven't shared it...why? What am I waiting for?

Coconut chai banana smoothie

I am not a professional food blogger. (wait am I? haha) ...I'm just a girl with a kitchen.

I like eating, I like taking pictures. I love fueling my body for yoga and running and sharing it with whoever wants to read about it and get inspired. That's how this blog started, and that's how I'm going to keep blazing forward.

Sometimes when you feel stuck, all you have to do is remember why you started.

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  1. I'm normally a pretty cynical guy when it comes to "earthy" remedies. But consider me converted. I now realize what "alkalizing your body" actually feels like, and I'm just getting started! Green drink is so calming that I can’t explain.

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