5 Tips for Exercising in Summer Heat

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So summer decided to finally show up for real.

If you like to exercise outside like me, you've probably been enjoying the amazingly cool weather we've been having and have forgotten what it's like to structure workouts around the heat.

exercising in summer heat

The worst. The best solution is to move your workout inside, but if that's not an option (race training, outdoor sports, etc) here are five tips you should keep in mind to stay safe when exercising outside.

Time of day is important. 

Try to go either very early in the morning or late in the evening. Avoid exercising from 10-3 when the sun is at its strongest (early morning before work is usually best if you can swing it.) If it is absolutely unbearable (heat index above 90), skip your workout or move it inside.

Hydrate all day, and the day after.

If you are planning a workout after work or in the evening, make sure to hydrate during the day to prep your body and prevent extreme dehydration. Follow up a workout with electrolyte enhanced water and/or water with sodium (gatorade, salt tablets) if you are a salty sweater. (You're one of those if you have white film on your skin, clothes or hat after a workout).
See my tips for post-run hydration here >>

Don't eat within 2 hours before your workout.

I always remember this one when going to bikram, but forgot it last week before heading out for an evening run in the heat and humidity. It was not good. When your body has to focus extra energy on cooling itself down in the heat, it has to remove focus from other areas like digestion. The same pre-run snack I was used to having in the winter affected me totally differently in the summer.

Wear loose, light colored clothing.

Rather than running in a sports bra and shorts (or for you men, just the shorts) wear a top with a moisture absorbing or cooling fabric to help cool the body down. Favor loose over tight clothing, and avoid dark colors which absorb heat.

Listen to your body.

Pay attention and watch for red flags like getting a chill, dizziness or if you randomly stop sweating. Last summer during my triathlon training, I noticed I had stopped sweating in the middle of a brick workout in 90 degree heat. As much as I wanted to finish, I knew this could be a sign of heat stroke and I made myself stop.

It can take your body  up to 14 days to acclimate to exercising in the heat - if you are exercising with friends, recognize that they may be more acclimated than you, and you might not be able to keep up with them as you normally would.

Just because it is hot doesn't mean you can't work out - just be smart about it. And if you need the extra motivation, just remember this is coming:

I can't even talk about it.

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