Goal Manifestation for 2015

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I have learned so much in this past year about goal setting - but not in the tried and true "corporate" way I had done for so long.

The goal setting I'm sharing with you today doesn't involve worksheets, setting aside three hours on an afternoon to "work on yourself" (although I am a huge fan of the concept of vision boards), or hiring a life coach to tell you what to do. Because that isn't realistic. If it was, we'd all be doing it.

How to Manifest Goals in 2015 - thefitgirlskitchen.com

I can't tell you how many people I've suggested goal setting to and the immediate response is "Oooh yes yes, I really should do that..." Like ooh yes I'm really going to make that dentist appointment. Mmm hmm yes I just LOVE the dentist.

We hate the dentist. The dentist sucks (sorry dentists.) Because taking a look deep inside yourself is kind of like that. There can be some scary stuff in there. Your fears are in there. Fears of failure - fears of success.

The goal setting I'm talking about is not a one-time or once a year thing - it's an ongoing, everyday practice of manifestation.
How to Manifest Goals in 2015
sorry mom. this is funny.
It's great to check IN with your goals once a year/month/week, but actually living out your intention is an everyday thing. Interested?

How to Manifest Goals for 2015

1. Declare Your Intentions

Begin by settling into a place of unconditional love and non-judgement. This could be when you first wake up in the morning, after meditation, after (or even DURING!) a great workout or yoga class, or just being surrounded by supportive family and friends having a glass of wine. Any frame of mind where you feel JOY, HAPPINESS, FREEDOM, PEACE.

Reflect on areas of your life - health, relationships, spirituality, career.  What do you WANT out of your life? How would it feel, what would it look like if these areas were brimming to the top with satisfaction?

How to Manifest Goals in 2015 - thefitgirlskitchen.com

Now, set your intention. Before a workout, meditation, yoga practice, start of your day. While the coffee is brewing. In the shower. Try some places out - see what feels natural and keep practicing intention setting every time you do that thing.

2. Be Specific

The universe needs help kids. Be SPECIFIC in your goals.

Start small. Select one action step, one small thing to do in each to bring you closer to moving that satisfaction rating up a notch. Maybe it's just to bring awareness to the area at hand...

How to Manifest Goals in 2015 - thefitgirlskitchen.com

Manifestation 101: Avoid setting goals for material objects. The universe doesn't care about those. Experiences, feelings, relationships - all good.

Negative Example: "My goal is to own a house in 2015."

Positive Examples: "My goal is to find a place of comfort and stability for myself/my family in 2015" 

"My goal is to take the money I have worked so hard for and appreciate it in the form of a house to bring me comfort and stability in 2015."

= intention: Comfort & Stability

3. SHARE Your Goals

How to Manifest Goals in 2015 - thefitgirlskitchen.com

You don't even need a pen and paper. Grab your phone, open to notes - and go. I have pens and paper all over the place - next to my bed, on my coffee table - anyplace inspiration strikes. Stop trying to think of actual goals - just intentions of how you want your life to feel. Grab a sharpie, a notecard, and tack it onto your bathroom mirror or fridge. Remind yourself of what you are working towards.

My notes section on my phone is absurd. I have crazy ass lists that I will publish someday - but do you know what the funny thing is? I've done most everything on them. And when I share them with my friends - I do almost every single one.

And if you have an urge to put it out there on facebook or instagram - by God, do it. It will fuel your FIRE.

4. Believe in Yourself

"But what if I post it on Facebook but then don't actually do the thing? People will think I'm a failure..."

You define "failure." Failure is a concept we have created in our own minds by our ego to protect ourselves and learn what success feels like.

I promise you, people are so wrapped up in their own shit, no one will even notice if you don't do the thing you posted 8 months ago. You are more likely to find a community SUPPORTING your goals and efforts and the CONNECTIONS to help you achieve your goals than the latter. How will you know if that random connection exists if you don't tell anyone?

(Also if you don't do the thing you said and someone asks and you explain that the timing isn't right or it didn't work out and they are super judgy - then you really don't need them in your life anyways, do you?) Ah, see its a win-win.

5. Not Now Doesn't Mean Not Ever

Oooh this is one of my favorites - Not now does not mean not ever. I struggle with this almost every day - the opportunity is there. But the timing is not - so you panic. You think welp, I've failed because here it is and I can't do it right now OR crap! someone else is doing the thing I wanted to do already so that's over I lost...

No. It's just not meant for you RIGHT NOW. Instead, be inspired. Set your goal, set your intention. Repeat it. Check in with it. Share it. Remind yourself of it. It will come, your time will come. Be patient. 

How to Manifest Goals in 2015 - thefitgirlskitchen.com

Practice and all is coming.

This goes beyond the mat...Practice intention setting. Practice reflection. Practice patience.
Practice manifestation.

...And give your subconscious a little credit. It controls your actions and reactions more than you may realize.

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