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I am so excited to announce a new series for this month, which I have named "FGK Mindful May" or #FGKMindfulMay.

What is Mindful May?

Each week, starting Monday, I will announce a new theme or challenge for the week. These all circulate around taking a more mindful approach to your everyday life.

I was very enlightened during my teacher training in our "off the mat" discussions. We discussed many ways of making simple changes or thinking about things in a new way that have really made an impact on my interactions with myself and with others since I have been back. I am so excited to share some of these with you (and because I am far from perfect, it will help me too!).

How to Participate

Just check in with the FGK Facebook page or FGK Instagram on Monday mornings to see that week's challenge. I will include a longer description on the blog of our focus for the week.

I will also include some way you can "complete" that weeks challenge, using hashtag #fgkmindfulmay in a photo you post on instagram or Facebook.

My goal is to cultivate a community sense of mindfulness, gratitude and to see how this begins to impact your life and the lives of others around you.

Spread the love! 

Check back in Monday for the first Mindful May challenge and enjoy your weekend!

Heart open,
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  1. Good to know you are practicing amazing. i like your mindset yoga and all food types post. keep up the good work and motivating us.